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Commissioning of Mega Hydroelectric Power Stations in Siberian Arctic Observed Changes Over a 70+ Years in Temperatures and Precipiation Graphs For The Region Over a 70+ Year Period

Central Siberia Weather Data Corroborates Rapid Warming byHydroelectric Arctic Mega Power Plants Since the 1950s, Arctic mega power stations (AMPs) have been built in thewatersheds of almost all of the major rivers flowing into the Arctic’s coastalseas and James and Hudson Bays. Their combined spring freshet energy force,which, for millennia helped power ocean currents and […]

Helping pull back the curtain on the wizard of lies, the leader of ecological and climate disasterpolicy… Canada’s Hydroelectric Industry

Clifford Krolick, research associate  New England, Canada, and Atlantic Provinces Alliance      Many of us have heard that the Arctic is melting rapidly, actually heating 5x faster than the rest of the planet. Canadian and Russian’s since the 1960’s and 70’s commissioned the construction of 300- 600 foot tall mega reservoir hydroelectric dams within the Arctic region. Replumbing […]

Siberian Weather Stations Reveal Major Drivers of Arctic Warming

Dikson is Russia’s northern most settlement. It is situated on the Kara Sea near themouth  of the Yenisei River. This tundra region is an Arctic desert and its climate wascooling until  human interventions created a major warming tipping point in the1970’s.   Over the next four decades, Diksons’s decadal average annual temperatures warmed6.54  degrees Fahrenheit. This is […]

The Soviet Union’s 1958 Blueprint To Increase Arctic Humidity

The attempt to weaken the Siberian High was revealed in the United States via a March 3,1958 article by William J. Perkins entitled “Soviets Plan Reversing Rivers, Melting Arctic to Warm Siberia” which appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “The vast arid, cold steppes of eastern Siberia are the home of a vast highpressure system of intense cold […]

The Soviet Union is Using Water Vapor Emissions to Warm the Arctic

 The Soviet Union announced its plan in 1950 to use evaporation from its proposed  mega reservoir hydroelectric power schemes to increase the humidity of central Siberia  and melt Arctic coastal sea ice. An example of Soviet intentions from a credible source:  “For each step outlined here the computations have been made and verified; how  much […]

 The Arctic Greenhouse Effect, the untold story

Carbon dioxide emissions are the driving force behind the Earth’s Greenhouse Effect. However, there are untold stories how Hydro-Quebec’s and Russia’s human produced water vapor emissions are not only the catalyst but also the supercharger of an unprecedented Arctic Greenhouse Effect.The Soviet Union announced its hypothesis in 1950 to use evaporation from its proposed mega […]

Mega Hydropower, a Forbidden Climate Change Topic

June 25, 2002 In today’s world, questioning hydropower energy as being “clean”, “green” and“renewable” is regarded by many in control of climate science as environmentalblasphemy. Yet, when you look at all freshwater flow on Earth, the thousands of damsand especially the mega dam projects, “…have commandeered almost 60% of thatvariability” ( Can we commit to […]

We Need to Measure Water Vapor (Humidity) Footprints of Hydroelectric Reservoirs Built in the Cryosphere

We measure carbon footprints of fossil fuel power plants but we don’t measure the evaporation rates of hydroelectric resevoirs or their water vapor (humidity) footprints. “Water vapor is Earth’s most abundant greenhouse gas. It’s responsible for about half of Earth’s greenhouse effect– the process that occurs when gases in Earth’s atmosphere trap the Sun’s heat,” […]


By Stephen Kaspryzak, March 31, 2022 The attempt to change the Siberian climate was first revealed in the United States via a March 3,1958 article by William J. Perkins entitled “Soviets Plan Reversing Rivers, Melting Arctic to Warm Siberia” which appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “The vast arid, cold steppes of eastern Siberia is […]