The Soviet Union is Using Water Vapor Emissions to Warm the Arctic

 The Soviet Union announced its plan in 1950 to use evaporation from its proposed  mega reservoir hydroelectric power schemes to increase the humidity of central Siberia  and melt Arctic coastal sea ice. An example of Soviet intentions from a credible source:  “For each step outlined here the computations have been made and verified; how  much electric power can be produced; how great the evaporation will be; how  many calories will be transmitted to the atmosphere in one area and taken to  another to change the climate of the Arctic and the desert.” By William Mandel  from California Eagle ( Los Angeles, California) 2 February 1950 Thursday.  

 William Mandel highlighted his above statement in bold print to emphasize the  Soviet research and hypothesis “to change the climate of the Arctic”. The building of  the colossal hydroelectric reservoirs was the experiment. The rapid increase in the  precipitation and temperatures of central Siberia and the melting and disappearance of  Kara Sea ice that coincides with the proliferation of these mega dams is worthy  evidence that confirms the Soviet Arctic warming hypothesis outlined by Mandel.  

 The editor of the California Eagle highlighted in bold print Mandel’s credentials.  

 “EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Mandel is a recognized authority on the Soviet Union.  He is now writing a study of the Soviet Arctic for Vilhjalmur Stefansson’s,  Encyclopedia Arctica. He recently completed a survey of Soviet postwar Far  Eastern policy for the Institute of Pacific Relations, which also commissioned his  first book, “The Soviet Far East and Central Asia.” Another book, “A Guide to the  Soviet Union,” has been used in many universities. In 1947, as senior fellow in  Slavic Studies at the Hoover Institute, Stanford University, he compiled “An  Encyclopedia of the U.S.S.R.” During the war, he was the United Press’ expert on  Russia.”  

 What is ironic about this 1950 newspaper article is it “is the story behind Soviet  Foreign Minister Vishinsky’s stunning declaration to the United Nations”…”that Russia  was razing mountains, irrigating deserts; cutting through the jungle and tundra in places  where human footprints had not been seen for thousands of years”…”in order to  change the climate of the Arctic and the deserts”.  

 The Russians have successfully used summer and early fall solar absorption by the  ice free reservoirs and water vapor emissions from the reservoirs’s warm winter  hypolimnial discharges into rivers, to force the warming of central Siberia and the  Arctic.  

SMK/rdw Essay 2-2023 by Stephen Kasprzak April 6, 2023

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