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Northeast Canadian Atlantic Provinces (NECAPA) Alliance


NECAPA Organized to bring scientific truth and studies in( weekly/monthly)  blogs to the public, policy makers and more showing  the harmful ecological effects of dam-building including loss of biodiversity, sedimentation of rivers and loss of carbon sequestering forests, the impacts on marine fisheries  and  destruction of wetlands

NECAPA partners from both sides of the US/Canadian border, have formed an international alliance of hydro-dam opponents to push back against the social, economic, environmental injustices and the dam lies perpetuated by the hydro industry and cooperating governments worldwide. 

We are Building a Movement against the greenwashing of megadams while promoting green energy and climate justice.  Our challenges include continuing to support demands of our allied Indigenous communities in Canada for climate and environmental justice. Many of these communities are impoverished by hydropower development on their ancestral lands, living on reservations often lacking clean drinking water and electricity-while Canadian state owned hydropower monopolies promise “cheap energy” to U.S consumers.

Make a difference and join in our global effort to stop Megadams from distroying the environment

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